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Tomorrow is Leap Day!  I think to celebrate the end of this extended month we should have another Favorites list.

It is rather shocking to me that I have been working on this blog for over three months and have not once mentioned music. Music has always been a huge part of my life and every so often I find something new that really sticks with me.  Two great finds this month: Of Monsters and Men and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

How could anyone resist a line like "You are a novel in a sea of magazines"?

I am also up to my neck in music that I am learning.  My favorite piece that I am working on at the moment is Ach, Ich Fuhl’s from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. 
Just a little classical voice training.  No big deal. (Not true at all. This is a ridiculously difficult piece of music.)
But in all seriousness, I absolutely love Lucia Popp’s version of this aria.  As a vocalist, it is intimidating and inspiring. As a listener it moves me every time.

Another project: exploring Atlanta yarn shops. I have not been yarn shopping in ages and since I am teaching a new friend how to knit, I’ve decided that taking her out to buy supplies is the perfect excuse!  I will probably check out a shop called Needle Nook since it is close by.  Anybody have any suggestions for good yarn shops in the Atlanta area?

Pinterest. This is a truly wonderful thing, especially for this blog. I have more writing fodder and inspiration for photo projects than I can shake a stick at! I joined up less than a month ago and I am hooked.

This glorious thing. I’m not sure if any food stuff will ever be able to compare to this level of perfection.
This recipe, however, might be one I make for dinner before I become one with a pretzel ice cream cone.

And lastly, Liam Brazier.
His artwork is abstract, reminiscent of pop art, and has some pretty nifty subject matter. I think my favorites are the Batman (titled Caveman) and Spiderman (Hangman) pieces. Because I’m a geek.



I am looking forward to Found Photo Friday this week — it will be a fun one! Besides that I’m working on a post that is oh-so-meta and a new photo project, both of which will be posted in the coming weeks. I might even shake things up and throw in a gallery review!  It will be good times, without doubt. As always, thanks for reading!

Wishing you the happiest of Leap Days,



I love finding interesting and beautiful photography when trawling the internet.  I don’t spend a huge amount of my time doing this, but somehow I have still managed to have several folders of bookmarks that are so full I can’t find anything in them!  In light of this, I have recently joined Pinterest (more on that further down) and I am finally going to act on an idea that I had a few weeks ago — Found Photo Friday.

As I have been getting in the groove of regular blogging, I started thinking about the other blogs I read and things they do that I find enjoyable outside of regular posts.  The two things I decided were most attractive to me and would amplify what I try to do on this blog were monthly link lists for cool artsy stuff (technical terms, man) and some sort of weekly thing.  This being a photography blog it only makes sense that I’d post an interesting photo, and honestly, how could I resist that alliteration?

So! Found Photo Friday is now going to be the thing.  I told you earlier this week that I would have a surprise for you!  These will probably not be as involved as regular posts, but rather an opportunity to share something fun/nifty/thought provoking to give a creative start to your weekend!

This week:  Kitchen Sink by Paul Politis.

I really like this photo.  There is something so lovely about the simplicity and universality of the image.  This could be any person’s kitchen sink, but there is more to the image than just that — the composition creates depth, not only adding visual interest, but making me want to know more as I am able to look into the image.  Why were the dishes left?  Poor housekeeping?  Someone hurrying off to work?  Maybe this is the sink in an office building filled with caffeine dependent cubical workers.  Who knows.  I just know that I love how it makes me wonder.

That’s our Found Photo for the week!  Feel free to let me know what you think of the photo, the FPF idea, and any suggestions for topics, posts, and photographers you might like to see!

If you do like this idea and/or you think I have at least mediocre taste in art and/or you would like to see more of my original work and/or you don’t mind me rambling too much, feel free to follow me on Pinterest and/or Google+ in addition to following the blog!  Links are here as well as in the side bar.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Apologies for the late post.  As it turns out I am, in fact, still a university student and I do have to do homework from time to time, strangely enough.  In a perfect world I’d be able to turn in blog posts instead of that philosophy paper, but alas, I have not yet found the perfect utopia where I can always create on my own terms.  Dream job?  Found it!

Enough about me.  Who the heck is Holly Andres?  Well, she just so happens to be my latest photographic discovery and her work is the bee’s knees!

The Heart Shaped Locket

Much of her work focuses on images of children, loss of innocence, and the roles of women.  There is a cinema-meets-storybook quality in the photographs that lends a sense of hyper-realism through unnaturally bright colors and consistently sharp focus.  Andres approaches photography with a director’s eye, using cinematic pacing and sequencing techniques to allow each series to explore a narrative.

The Secret Portal

The photos above are from her “Sparrow Lane” series which draws inspiration from Nancy Drew books, Alfred Hitchcock and horror films.  This narrative depicts curious young girls seeking forbidden knowledge through images rife with potential danger and loss of innocence.

The Retribution

This photo is from the series “The Fall of Spring Hill” which explores a narrative of mothers performing heroic acts for their children.  This series is truly cinematic — as you view the images there are two distinct story lines that unfold parallel to each other, one with the mothers, the other with the children, and as conflict arises they intertwine, culminating in the photo directly above.

The Coffee Break

Andres sticks to some familiar themes in this series as there are examples of loss of innocence (exemplified inThe Retribution) and a focus on women’s roles as she tells the story of a group of mothers reacting to the injury of a child.

Full of Grace

Andres also uses the series “Full of Grace” to depict female strength as she exposes what appear to be the hardships of a displaced mother and child.  The photo above is my favorite from the series.  It appears at the end of the sequence and seems to diffuse some of the tension present in the other photographs with solemn acceptance as the woman packs her suitcase.

Holly Andres’s work is positively beautiful.  Her skillful use of lighting and amazingly vibrant colors is simply stunning, as is her model work.  As I have said in some of my previous posts, I tend to prefer more natural photography — nothing posed, very little set up, just capture moments as they happen — but I find myself captivated by her work.  It is as if she manipulates photography to create a new, different art that is photography, cinema, and theatre all at once.

Here’s the link to Holly Andres’s website where you can see all of her narrative series as well as some of her other work (Check out her portraits and band photos — they are fantastic!).  She also has a blog that I am excited to explore — find that link in the header of her website.

And now we have come to the end of this rather long and very late post.  To make up for my tardiness, however, I do have a little surprise in store for Friday!  Stay tuned and feel free to comment and follow!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Photography has been a passion of mine for many years.  I love the idea of discovering fleeting moments through the lens — things that the world might otherwise overlook — or capturing an everyday image to highlight the beauty that can be found in even the most mundane of objects and situations.  I like to photograph things as they are, in the moment, and do very little to the image after the fact. I might have a few touch-ups, some cropping, a bit of meddling with the saturation or contrast, but beyond the technical things that can make up for photographer error or imperfect shooting conditions, I try to be as true to the original image (and my vision for it when I open the shutter) as possible.

The past few weeks I have turned every aspect of my approach to the art of photography on its head.  I have been experimenting with some aspects of photo manipulation that I had never really bothered with before, using Photoshop to create new images from some of my original shots.

This was big time branching out for me, not just because I would be chopping up my photos to make them into something completely different, but because I even had to change my approach to shooting.  I needed to think in terms of how each photo I shot would work with the others and how I would integrate them and basically try to envision the finished product without any sort of reference point since I had never done this before.

Unfortunately, my brain is not very good at working in this way.

So, I went with what I know instead.  I took a bunch of photos that I thought might be interesting to work with and that included the objects I wanted in the final images.  Once I began the actual editing part, I put on my graphic designer hat and that helped me figure out a good way to approach the work.  Overall I am fairly pleased with how the final images came out and I am going to share them with you!

The idea behind this set of images is the importance of literacy and my attachment to books.  I have incorporated images of books with everyday objects and activities in an attempt to highlight how integral literacy is in everyday life.  I apologize if this mini artist statement sounds a bit lofty — I just cannot hide my love of books!

Enough gabbing.  Picture time!


And there you have it!  I have a lot more to explore with this sort of work, but I think it will come with practice.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my work (finally) on the blog and I welcome any and all comments.  Constructive criticism is the best gift anyone can give an artist!

Wishing you a wonderful week,

For some reason I always find myself a bit surprised when I see that people have been reading my blog.  I’m not really sure why… probably just one of the symptoms of being my own worst critic.  Apparently, however, I must be doing something right, because [I almost fell in the floor when] I realized this evening that The First 10,000 has 223 followers!  So this is me saying hello to you, dear readers.  Thanks for reading!  I’ll do my best to continue posting something at least once a week that, hopefully, will be at least vaguely interesting to some.

On that note, here’s a post!  I couldn’t decide what to write about today (no exciting museum visits this weekend), so after bouncing several ideas around I’ve decided to share some of my web favorites!  These are things that I like, or that I want to make, or that I want to write about, or that are generally inspiring in some way.

To begin:

Holy toledo Batman.  This treehouse is what I have always wanted.  It is the embodiment of pretty much every childhood fantasy I ever had.  Vacation house on the beach?  No thanks.  I’ll take this any day!

I want to make this blanket:

But not in pink.  I don’t like pink except in very specific applications.  Especially ones that would entail the application of pink to my person.  Anywho, it’s an awesome knitting pattern from my favorite knitting website.  Check out the link above for this pattern and take a peek around the rest of the site to view the wonder of fiber!

Collection a Day:

I think this is a really nifty concept.  The photos as well as the objects in them are so interesting!

Things I want to make:
Black Sticky Gingerbread Pudding
Rosemary Garlic Garbanzo Bean Soup
Not to be eaten together of course,  but these two dishes are what I am coveting at the moment.  I miss be able to cook.

This video.  I’m pretty sure the entire internet has seen it by now, but I still think it is the coolest thing ever.

This photo series by Mark Tanner.  I happened upon it a few weeks ago and I just love it.

This.  It makes me smile a hopeful smile if I am feeling down.

Now we have learned that in addition to gabbing about photography, I also knit, cook, and still harbor a not-so-secret desire to live in a tree.  This knowledge is what my indecisiveness has wrought. Happy Monday, everyone!