Branching Out

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years.  I love the idea of discovering fleeting moments through the lens — things that the world might otherwise overlook — or capturing an everyday image to highlight the beauty that can be found in even the most mundane of objects and situations.  I like to photograph things as they are, in the moment, and do very little to the image after the fact. I might have a few touch-ups, some cropping, a bit of meddling with the saturation or contrast, but beyond the technical things that can make up for photographer error or imperfect shooting conditions, I try to be as true to the original image (and my vision for it when I open the shutter) as possible.

The past few weeks I have turned every aspect of my approach to the art of photography on its head.  I have been experimenting with some aspects of photo manipulation that I had never really bothered with before, using Photoshop to create new images from some of my original shots.

This was big time branching out for me, not just because I would be chopping up my photos to make them into something completely different, but because I even had to change my approach to shooting.  I needed to think in terms of how each photo I shot would work with the others and how I would integrate them and basically try to envision the finished product without any sort of reference point since I had never done this before.

Unfortunately, my brain is not very good at working in this way.

So, I went with what I know instead.  I took a bunch of photos that I thought might be interesting to work with and that included the objects I wanted in the final images.  Once I began the actual editing part, I put on my graphic designer hat and that helped me figure out a good way to approach the work.  Overall I am fairly pleased with how the final images came out and I am going to share them with you!

The idea behind this set of images is the importance of literacy and my attachment to books.  I have incorporated images of books with everyday objects and activities in an attempt to highlight how integral literacy is in everyday life.  I apologize if this mini artist statement sounds a bit lofty — I just cannot hide my love of books!

Enough gabbing.  Picture time!


And there you have it!  I have a lot more to explore with this sort of work, but I think it will come with practice.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my work (finally) on the blog and I welcome any and all comments.  Constructive criticism is the best gift anyone can give an artist!

Wishing you a wonderful week,


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