Found Photo Friday!

I love finding interesting and beautiful photography when trawling the internet.  I don’t spend a huge amount of my time doing this, but somehow I have still managed to have several folders of bookmarks that are so full I can’t find anything in them!  In light of this, I have recently joined Pinterest (more on that further down) and I am finally going to act on an idea that I had a few weeks ago — Found Photo Friday.

As I have been getting in the groove of regular blogging, I started thinking about the other blogs I read and things they do that I find enjoyable outside of regular posts.  The two things I decided were most attractive to me and would amplify what I try to do on this blog were monthly link lists for cool artsy stuff (technical terms, man) and some sort of weekly thing.  This being a photography blog it only makes sense that I’d post an interesting photo, and honestly, how could I resist that alliteration?

So! Found Photo Friday is now going to be the thing.  I told you earlier this week that I would have a surprise for you!  These will probably not be as involved as regular posts, but rather an opportunity to share something fun/nifty/thought provoking to give a creative start to your weekend!

This week:  Kitchen Sink by Paul Politis.

I really like this photo.  There is something so lovely about the simplicity and universality of the image.  This could be any person’s kitchen sink, but there is more to the image than just that — the composition creates depth, not only adding visual interest, but making me want to know more as I am able to look into the image.  Why were the dishes left?  Poor housekeeping?  Someone hurrying off to work?  Maybe this is the sink in an office building filled with caffeine dependent cubical workers.  Who knows.  I just know that I love how it makes me wonder.

That’s our Found Photo for the week!  Feel free to let me know what you think of the photo, the FPF idea, and any suggestions for topics, posts, and photographers you might like to see!

If you do like this idea and/or you think I have at least mediocre taste in art and/or you would like to see more of my original work and/or you don’t mind me rambling too much, feel free to follow me on Pinterest and/or Google+ in addition to following the blog!  Links are here as well as in the side bar.

Have a beautiful weekend!



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