February Favorites

Tomorrow is Leap Day!  I think to celebrate the end of this extended month we should have another Favorites list.

It is rather shocking to me that I have been working on this blog for over three months and have not once mentioned music. Music has always been a huge part of my life and every so often I find something new that really sticks with me.  Two great finds this month: Of Monsters and Men and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

How could anyone resist a line like "You are a novel in a sea of magazines"?

I am also up to my neck in music that I am learning.  My favorite piece that I am working on at the moment is Ach, Ich Fuhl’s from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. 
Just a little classical voice training.  No big deal. (Not true at all. This is a ridiculously difficult piece of music.)
But in all seriousness, I absolutely love Lucia Popp’s version of this aria.  As a vocalist, it is intimidating and inspiring. As a listener it moves me every time.

Another project: exploring Atlanta yarn shops. I have not been yarn shopping in ages and since I am teaching a new friend how to knit, I’ve decided that taking her out to buy supplies is the perfect excuse!  I will probably check out a shop called Needle Nook since it is close by.  Anybody have any suggestions for good yarn shops in the Atlanta area?

Pinterest. This is a truly wonderful thing, especially for this blog. I have more writing fodder and inspiration for photo projects than I can shake a stick at! I joined up less than a month ago and I am hooked.

This glorious thing. I’m not sure if any food stuff will ever be able to compare to this level of perfection.
This recipe, however, might be one I make for dinner before I become one with a pretzel ice cream cone.

And lastly, Liam Brazier.
His artwork is abstract, reminiscent of pop art, and has some pretty nifty subject matter. I think my favorites are the Batman (titled Caveman) and Spiderman (Hangman) pieces. Because I’m a geek.



I am looking forward to Found Photo Friday this week — it will be a fun one! Besides that I’m working on a post that is oh-so-meta and a new photo project, both of which will be posted in the coming weeks. I might even shake things up and throw in a gallery review!  It will be good times, without doubt. As always, thanks for reading!

Wishing you the happiest of Leap Days,


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