Found Photo Friday: Contrast

Welcome to March, everyone! Have a Found Photo!

I have to admit, I really don’t know much about this piece or it’s photographer, Georg Oddner. What caught my eye is the composition. The repetition of dark squares in the checker-board floor, the dress, and reflected in the mirror give the image a cohesive look, even though the patterns are not all the same. The angle of the shot and placement of the model are unexpected, giving an almost snapshot-like quality to the image, though it is apparent that much thought and preparation went into crafting the scene. The contrast of approach, as if mirroring the contrast of the black and white floor tiles, adds interest as the casual qualities are paired with Oddner’s artful technique.

As always, feel free to let me know your thoughts and if you have any suggestions of topics, pieces, or artists that you’d like to see on the blog!

Have a beautiful weekend!



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