Found Photo Friday: Magic Tricks

Today is my roommate’s birthday. I am making Chocolate Guinness cupcakes. In my dorm room. It is difficult to be a Domestic Debby and a college student. Perhaps, if anyone is interested, I will post the recipe at some point! They are ridiculously delicious.

But, you came here for FPF, not food-talk.

This is an image from a fun photo project that is on this blog. It is a nifty concept for a self portrait project and the captures are great — they really look like she is floating! Take a look at her other images. They are definitely worth your time.

Brief post today, also late, but midterms are making life difficult. Look at the beginning of next week for some original work, and as always, feel free to follow me on G+ and Pinterest, and share your thoughts in the comments!

Have a sweet weekend!


  1. I like chocolate, guinness and cupcakes so this recipe sounds amazing if you’d like to share it!

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