This post is so late. I’m sorry. There’s really no excuse, but my excuse is that I had a performance last night and I was panicking all weekend. Remember the aria I mentioned in this post? Yeah. That’s what I had to sing in front of people. It all ended up going really well in spite of (or maybe because of?) my panic and now I am back to the land of the living.

And speaking of living, can we talk about spring? It seems like winter just didn’t bother to show up this year, but spring is definitely picking up the slack! Everything is so green and beautiful… and here I go showing the world that I’m a card-carrying tree-hugger.

But really, watching spring happen is so exciting. It’s like the nature decides to celebrate the sun moving closer to the planet and decorates, letting new life and new growth explode all over like confetti. I couldn’t resist capturing this beautiful transition, so today I have a tiny photo documentary for you. Most of these images are close ups of small things, so I primarily used the macro setting on my camera. I found some fascinating things – that leaves are fuzzy when they first grow on the branches, that oak trees hatch out of acorns like baby birds from eggs, that the already unfathomably beautiful spring colors become like living oil paintings when touched by morning sun – and I felt I could be perfectly happy if I never went inside again. These images are some of my favorites of the ones that I shot. I hope you enjoy!

This was such a cool find. This little oak tree was literally hatching out of its acorn shell when I found it. It has since escaped, but I had never seen anything quite like this before.

I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed making them. As always, comments and critiques are appreciated!

Happy hump day everyone!



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