Found Photo Friday: Happy

It has been quite a week. Not the best week. Not horrid, but between getting ready for finals, graduation, and moving into my very own place to be a grownup, things are rather stressful around here. All these are positive changes and I’m happy and super excited about them, but they are also just a little bit terrifying.

In light of all this stress that is oh-so-fun, I’ve been trying to take bits of time out of the day for me. I try to still be productive during these mental health breaks — like yesterday I spent a couple hours with a friend, shooting some portraits and having a wonderful talk — but sometimes I just have to take a few minutes to shut off my brain and browse Pinterest or read food blogs. It was in yesterday’s Pinterest browsing that I found the images that I’m sharing for today’s  FPF.

These photos are in an article called “Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos of Daughters” and I love them. They are such happy pictures. You can really see the love that went into them and it must have been such a fun process for the little girls. Can you imagine your dad saying to you, “I want you to jump in the air and I’ll take a picture so that I can make it look like you’re flying.” How awesome would that be? And can you imagine how your five year old self would react to seeing a photo you shrunk to coffee cup size?

Too cool.

The “creative dad” is Jason Who, a wedding and lifestyle photographer, and you can see more of his work on his website. The same care that he takes with this personal work shines through in his professional work as well, really capturing the emotion and personality of his subjects.

And speaking of personality, how could these expressive girls not bring a smile to your face?

These photos certainly brightened my week, so I wanted to share some smiles with you to start your weekend off right. As always, I’d love to see your thoughts on the work in the comments below, and if you’re interested in what I like on Pinterest, feel free to follow!

Happy Friday everyone! Pass the smiles along :)



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