Serious Business

This post is probably going to seem pretty lame.

And it kind of is.

And I’m kind of a slacker because I don’t have a legitimate post for you today.

That’s primarily because I am trying DESPERATELY to keep up with all my real life stuff.

Not that blogging isn’t real life, but I have so much going on right now.

Show going up on Friday with lots of lines and music to memorize, oodles of writing, photo work with some AMAZING models, planning and producing an award ceremony for All Of Time and Space, getting everything ready to move in less than two weeks (!!!!), working out logistics of adopting another cat… this is my life, you guys.

It’s serious business. And I’m trying not to panic.

BUT, I believe in me (I think). Because I can do this (Probably).

Conclusion: This post is kind of lame because my week, though hectic, is kind of awesome.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, come and see the show. It’s fun! And free!

Here’s a pretty picture:

Love the capture on this. Unfortunately, I do not know the origin of this photo, so if anyone has any clues about who the artist is, I would appreciate the information!

Thanks for reading. Found Photo Friday soon. Real posts eventually, I promise. I will survive the week!



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