Found Photo Friday: Colors of War

I didn’t think FPF was going to happen today. I hadn’t found anything particularly interesting to share and I’ve been enjoying a day off from work, and right this minute I ought to be getting ready to go to a wedding (congrats to Shelby and Josh!), but then The Boy had a super helpful moment.

The Boy: “Hey, look at this.”

Me: “Wow! This is really cool!”

The Boy: “Have you written your Found Photo Friday post yet?”

Me: “Nope.”

The Boy: “Well, there you go.”

Best helper.

What he showed me was a slideshow from The Telegraph with rare World War One images. What makes these images special is that they are some of the only color images from the war.

Hans Hildenbrand was one of nineteen German photographers who documented the war, but he was the only one to create images in color. He was assigned to a platoon and documented their day to day activities.

The photos are fascinating and a bit surreal. It’s difficult to keep in mind what time you are looking back into when looking at the images because so much of what we are used to seeing captured from the war is in black and white. The vivid colors are not all that make the images engaging, however: it is plain that Hildenbrand was a skilled photographer with an eye for interesting composition. I plan on looking at more of his work as soon as possible (he became a photographer for National Geographic after the war, apparently) and I will, of course, share what I find!

Take a look at the slideshow. There are seventeen images and some neat information about the work. And, as always, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Have a beautiful weekend!



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