Found Photo Friday: City of Bridges

Hello from Pittsburgh! The Boy and I left Atlanta yesterday to come visit his family. I am writing from the sofa of his childhood home with him on one side of me, his childhood best friend on the other, three beagles flopped in the floor, and a comic book video game on the television.

It’s been a lovely visit — lots of time with his parents (who are delightful), meeting his sister (who is expecting her first baby!), her husband, and the grandparents — and we still have two and half days left! Today I was given a tour of Pittsburgh via car, the incline, and my feet. I took the opportunity to make some photographs, partly to document the trip and also because Pittsburgh’s architecture is fantastic.

So, today’s FPF is one of my photos! I found it while walking around so I stored it in my camera just for you guys :)

They don’t call it the City of Bridges for nothing

Exploring a new place with good company on a beautiful day is my kind of Friday.

How was your Friday? Have any exciting plans for the weekend? Tell us about it!

Wishing you a happy weekend,


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