September Favorites

One of these days my life will settle a bit so that I can post as regularly as I would like. My excuse his time is that I got a new job! A real, grown-up job doing something that I will actually enjoy — social media marketing! So that’s exciting. And once I get more into the swing of things (I’ve only been at it two weeks) I should be more able to post as often as I would like.

I have lots of post ideas I’ve been saving up, but today I was thinking we could do something we haven’t done in a bit: a favorites list.

Pittsburgh. Such a cool place. Such a fun trip. Such a great time with my sweetie and his awesome family. I can’t wait to go back.

— Did I mention I got to see a polar bear while in Pittsburgh. I GOT TO SEE A POLAR BEAR IN PITTSBURGH. This was a big deal, you guys.

— All of the faces on this website, and this one, have been haunting my dreams. I really want a dog.  Wallace The Cat really needs a sibling. (Both are true, I just feel like I might be able to justify it more if I get a dog for Wallace rather than one for me.) Take a look and see if you might be able to be a forever home for one of these sweet babies!

— The girl in this picture with me is my sister. She turned fourteen this month, which makes me feel old. I love her more than I love coffee.

This video.

This recipe.

This show. It is available on Amazon Prime Instant View. It is possibly the best television program I’ve ever seen. Watch it.

That’s all for now! I’ll see you soon with a new post!



  1. Mavis said:

    I particularly like the picture of you and your sister. That is a photo of my magnum opus.

    I love you both.

  2. “I love her more than I love coffee.” Haha, I love this.
    Also, polar bears in Pittsburgh? Oh my!

    • It’s true! And yes. Polar bears! Actually only one, but I’ve always wanted to see one in person! I think I scared some of the kids at the zoo with how excited I was, haha.

  3. Nita said:

    Danielle, You and your sister are so cute. I love the picture from Mt. Washington and he Polar Bear as well. So glad you enjoyed your time up here and you are welcomed anytime. We miss you and Alfred. Love you guys, Nita

    • Danielle said:

      We miss you too! Thanks again for such a great trip!

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