Found Photo Friday: Zoom

I have a cool thing for you today!

Neat, huh? This is an image by Jean-François Rauzier, a Paris-based photographer who creates hyper photos. What’s a hyperphoto? Well, it’s a image made of a lot of little images and put together to create a work of art that is ten thousand times the resolution of a normal photograph. Why do this? So that you can make a photograph that is the size of two school buses and retain perfect crispness.

Seem too fantastical to be true? Check out this linkHere you will find more of his images, but if you click on them you can zoom in to look at the detail. And then you can zoom in again. And again. Did you see the two people walking through the door to the left of the left-most statue at the bottom of this picture? No? Zoom in.

A screenshot to prove it!

How cool is that?

These are awesome on a technical level, but they are also beautiful. I love the surrealist quality of the images. They are beautifully haunting and I want to crawl inside them and explore!

For more images, visit Rauzier’s website. It’s in French, but Chrome translates it pretty well, and if your browser doesn’t translate, the pictures speak for themselves.

Which image is your favorite? Did you find any cool stuff while you were zooming around?

Have a happy, happy weekend!


  1. This is awesome… I want to meet this person and have him show me how to do things like this because I would love my art to look this amazing. Thank you for finding this and sharing it with the world! :)

    ~My Blog

    • Danielle said:

      It was too nifty not to share! Thanks for reading :)

      • Haha indeed! My pleasure! :D

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