Monthly Archives: December 2013

It has, yet again, been a long time since my last post.

When I typed that sentence a moment ago, I said it had been a shamefully long time, but then I remembered this post from last week by a treasured colleague. Words of wisdom that I need reminding of periodically.

The past not-quite-month since I wrapped my last show, I’ve been keeping my work a little closer to home. Between the hours of driving and even more hours of rehearsal and show time from September through November, there had been precious little time for housekeeping. The past few weeks have been a time to catch up on some reading, lots of photo processing, re-connecting with some old clients, and putting together a portfolio site. I’ve also taken time to exercise some domesticity. Explorations in cooking, baking, and crafting have kept the creative juices flowing. The Boy and I had a blast with holiday decorating this year, too.

I suppose this is mostly to get the words flowing again, and to share some updates. Check out the new site (Warning! Under construction!), and enjoy the photos below — snapshots are more fun than words, anyway.


Holiday card

The furkids are the models for this year’s holiday card.


Wallace is more photogenic than I’ll ever be.



Wishing you a simply happy December!