Happy November everyone! How about some of last month’s greatest hits?

— Desperately want two (or ten!) of these darlings! They are so cute, and I’d be able to spin my own yarn! I just need a house where I can have a fenced yard…

Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep. Yes, that is actual, adult size!

— This recipe. Also, I just really love this blog. So funny, and sweet, and home-y. It’s a joy to read. And I love the dogs.

— Halloween was brilliant, as always. I made some awesome Star Trek costumes for The Boy and myself. Here’s a really terrible picture of me to prove it!

Looking into the stars! Apparently they are really funny.

— And speaking of Halloween, I want to throw this party next year!

— Also this. Hands down, the BEST family Halloween costumes in the history of EVER.

I think I can still recite most of Where the Wild Things Are. I want to be this family when I grow up :)

–The other exciting event of October what The Boy’s birthday! We had a lovely time. The celebration started as soon as he woke up with a scavenger hunt for his presents and ended with an awesome party and a rather sharp-looking cake!

Battlestar Galactica Crest Cake

Battlestar Galacticake!

— And I’ll leave you with a little bit of music: The Corries — Twa Corbies. A Scottish tune sung by some Scottish gents. Points if you know what the song is about without looking it up!

That’s what was important to me this month! How was your October?



One of these days my life will settle a bit so that I can post as regularly as I would like. My excuse his time is that I got a new job! A real, grown-up job doing something that I will actually enjoy — social media marketing! So that’s exciting. And once I get more into the swing of things (I’ve only been at it two weeks) I should be more able to post as often as I would like.

I have lots of post ideas I’ve been saving up, but today I was thinking we could do something we haven’t done in a bit: a favorites list.

Pittsburgh. Such a cool place. Such a fun trip. Such a great time with my sweetie and his awesome family. I can’t wait to go back.

— Did I mention I got to see a polar bear while in Pittsburgh. I GOT TO SEE A POLAR BEAR IN PITTSBURGH. This was a big deal, you guys.

— All of the faces on this website, and this one, have been haunting my dreams. I really want a dog.  Wallace The Cat really needs a sibling. (Both are true, I just feel like I might be able to justify it more if I get a dog for Wallace rather than one for me.) Take a look and see if you might be able to be a forever home for one of these sweet babies!

— The girl in this picture with me is my sister. She turned fourteen this month, which makes me feel old. I love her more than I love coffee.

This video.

This recipe.

This show. It is available on Amazon Prime Instant View. It is possibly the best television program I’ve ever seen. Watch it.

That’s all for now! I’ll see you soon with a new post!



I cannot believe that June is almost over. So much has changed in the past two months — graduating, moving, constant work and job hunting, finding new balance — and despite all the stress, life is pretty awesome.

There’s also some pretty awesome stuff in the world, so I think today is a good day to write up a favorites list!

— I love art nouveau and I’m a bit of nerd, so finding Alexandra Douglass‘ website was pretty cool. It’s some fun stuff! This Mucha inspired piece would be amazing in our game room.

Game Nouveau — Alexandra Douglass

— Turns out moving to a new place inspires an awful lot of DIY. The next project I want to tackle is this art-map from Apartment Therapy.

I’ll make one of Atlanta for me and one of Pittsburgh for The Boy. It’ll be cool.

— Speaking of DIY, I’m trying to decide if I want to do this to frame some of my photographs. Real frames are expensive!

— These are amazing. Anybody have ninety thousand dollars I can borrow so I can use these to journal? No? Me either.

Montblanc Skeleton Pens

— Favorite thing about our new neighborhood? The farmer’s markets! We have two awesome local farmer’s markets that set up each week with local people who bring vegetables from their gardens, bread from their kitchens, and crafts from their tables. It’s super awesome. If you’re in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend the Tucker Farmer’s Market on Thursdays and the Lilburn Farmer’s Market on Fridays.

Did you find any awesome stuff in June? Tell us about it! And if you want to see more stuff I think is cool, follow me on Pinterest! Stay tuned for Found Photo Friday and some photos I shot at last weeks’ farmer’s market.

Have a happy Wednesday!


Tomorrow is Leap Day!  I think to celebrate the end of this extended month we should have another Favorites list.

It is rather shocking to me that I have been working on this blog for over three months and have not once mentioned music. Music has always been a huge part of my life and every so often I find something new that really sticks with me.  Two great finds this month: Of Monsters and Men and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

How could anyone resist a line like "You are a novel in a sea of magazines"?

I am also up to my neck in music that I am learning.  My favorite piece that I am working on at the moment is Ach, Ich Fuhl’s from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. 
Just a little classical voice training.  No big deal. (Not true at all. This is a ridiculously difficult piece of music.)
But in all seriousness, I absolutely love Lucia Popp’s version of this aria.  As a vocalist, it is intimidating and inspiring. As a listener it moves me every time.

Another project: exploring Atlanta yarn shops. I have not been yarn shopping in ages and since I am teaching a new friend how to knit, I’ve decided that taking her out to buy supplies is the perfect excuse!  I will probably check out a shop called Needle Nook since it is close by.  Anybody have any suggestions for good yarn shops in the Atlanta area?

Pinterest. This is a truly wonderful thing, especially for this blog. I have more writing fodder and inspiration for photo projects than I can shake a stick at! I joined up less than a month ago and I am hooked.

This glorious thing. I’m not sure if any food stuff will ever be able to compare to this level of perfection.
This recipe, however, might be one I make for dinner before I become one with a pretzel ice cream cone.

And lastly, Liam Brazier.
His artwork is abstract, reminiscent of pop art, and has some pretty nifty subject matter. I think my favorites are the Batman (titled Caveman) and Spiderman (Hangman) pieces. Because I’m a geek.



I am looking forward to Found Photo Friday this week — it will be a fun one! Besides that I’m working on a post that is oh-so-meta and a new photo project, both of which will be posted in the coming weeks. I might even shake things up and throw in a gallery review!  It will be good times, without doubt. As always, thanks for reading!

Wishing you the happiest of Leap Days,


For some reason I always find myself a bit surprised when I see that people have been reading my blog.  I’m not really sure why… probably just one of the symptoms of being my own worst critic.  Apparently, however, I must be doing something right, because [I almost fell in the floor when] I realized this evening that The First 10,000 has 223 followers!  So this is me saying hello to you, dear readers.  Thanks for reading!  I’ll do my best to continue posting something at least once a week that, hopefully, will be at least vaguely interesting to some.

On that note, here’s a post!  I couldn’t decide what to write about today (no exciting museum visits this weekend), so after bouncing several ideas around I’ve decided to share some of my web favorites!  These are things that I like, or that I want to make, or that I want to write about, or that are generally inspiring in some way.

To begin:

Holy toledo Batman.  This treehouse is what I have always wanted.  It is the embodiment of pretty much every childhood fantasy I ever had.  Vacation house on the beach?  No thanks.  I’ll take this any day!

I want to make this blanket:

But not in pink.  I don’t like pink except in very specific applications.  Especially ones that would entail the application of pink to my person.  Anywho, it’s an awesome knitting pattern from my favorite knitting website.  Check out the link above for this pattern and take a peek around the rest of the site to view the wonder of fiber!

Collection a Day:

I think this is a really nifty concept.  The photos as well as the objects in them are so interesting!

Things I want to make:
Black Sticky Gingerbread Pudding
Rosemary Garlic Garbanzo Bean Soup
Not to be eaten together of course,  but these two dishes are what I am coveting at the moment.  I miss be able to cook.

This video.  I’m pretty sure the entire internet has seen it by now, but I still think it is the coolest thing ever.

This photo series by Mark Tanner.  I happened upon it a few weeks ago and I just love it.

This.  It makes me smile a hopeful smile if I am feeling down.

Now we have learned that in addition to gabbing about photography, I also knit, cook, and still harbor a not-so-secret desire to live in a tree.  This knowledge is what my indecisiveness has wrought. Happy Monday, everyone!